Where to turn when an employee is injured at work
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Claims Investigation, Litigation & Resolution

One of the most critical times in the handling and management of a workers' compensation claim is the moment an injury is reported or suspected. The attorneys in MacDonald Illig's Workers' Compensation Practice Group work closely with the employer and insurer to ensure a thorough and complete investigation of the mechanism and scope of the injury. Our attorneys stand ready to assist in the proper claims investigation, which may include a review of past medical records, personnel and attendance records, surveillance footage, and accident records. MacDonald Illig's Workers' Compensation Practice Group is equipped to offer guidance in capturing and preserving evidence, including physical and digital evidence, identifying and utilizing medical experts, and evaluating the merits and defenses of claims.

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When a claim progresses to litigation, our attorneys work side by side with insurers and employers to facilitate the evaluation and management of claims, which may often include resolution through mediation and direct negotiation. MacDonald Illig's Workers' Compensation Practice Group stands ready to assist insurers and employers in engaging in a prompt and thorough claim investigation in order to assess the likelihood of an early resolution to the claim in order to reduce or eliminate the time and expense of prolonged litigation.