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As an activity, construction represents a significant portion of the regional, state, and national economy.  On a more granular level, virtually every construction transaction, from the simplest residential subdivision development to the most complex industrial project, is an exceedingly important event to the parties involved.  For decades, the attorneys at MacDonald Illig have worked with architects, engineers, contractors, real estate developers, and owners to assist in bringing to completion innumerable construction projects, including some of the most complex and expensive projects in the tri-state region.

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Covering the Entire Landscape of Construction Law

Whether representing the interests of developers, contractors, or owners, we understand the process and we bring to the table a level of experience that helps to foresee and avoid pitfalls.  This includes extensive familiarity with contract terms and conditions, whether custom drafted or those published by the American Institute of Architects. 

However, even in the most carefully planned project, disputes can arise.  In those cases, the attorneys at MacDonald Illig are prepared to work closely with the client to identify issues and remedies, locate witnesses, and where necessary retain industry experts. We take care to communicate with the client about the nature of claims and defenses and the strategy as the matter progresses.  Often, construction disputes revolve around contract clauses concerning construction delay, liquidated damages, zoning and land use issues, change orders, dispute resolution, limitations of remedies, or limitation of damages.  We strive to ensure that the client appreciates the impact of the contract language, and we attempt to give the client a clear and early assessment of the risks and opportunities arising from the dispute.

We know from experience that construction disputes can involve vast amounts of records and communications.  We collaborate with our client to organize that material to separate what's important from the "noise."  That effort saves time and money.  We also know that law firm technology can increase productivity and save money in handling these disputes.  We regularly use technology, both outsourced and in-house, to organize, analyze, and present information. 

Finally, we understand the construction dispute resolution process.  Whether involving jury trials, non-jury trials, arbitrations, or mediations, our Construction Practice Group has been there before and succeeded in helping our clients.  Our attorneys have received accolades from both clients and peers in the management, presentation, and resolution of construction disputes.

A True Team Approach

In addition to the members of our Construction Practice Group, MacDonald Illig clients can rely on the knowledge and experience of our other practice groups such as Environmental & Energy, Government Services, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, and Litigation.  Whatever your construction or pre-construction law needs, MacDonald Illig has the bench strength to deliver.

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