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As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide, it is impossible to predict the many adverse impacts of the disease. However, what is clear is that this pandemic is impacting businesses and individuals with unforeseen issues on a daily basis.  Our team at MacDonald Illig is here to help you deal with the uncertainty you now face, and may encounter in the future, arising from COVID-19. 

To help our clients through this time, we have compiled a number of resources and articles here on our website to address the most common legal issues with which our clients are dealing.  The summaries we have written provide a general overview of the current status of the law when posted.  Legislative and administrative guidance is changing rapidly.  We will do our best to keep you apprised of new or changed guidance as it arises.  We encourage you to continue to check this site for future legal articles and updates related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

This content is only general in nature, addressing some of the more common legal concerns raised by COVID-19.  However, our materials do not attempt to address the specific factual situations with which you may be faced.  If you have any questions about your COVID-19 related legal matters, please contact a MacDonald Illig attorney so that he or she can address your specific issue, in light of the most recent guidance.  

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