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At MacDonald Illig, we partner with you to strategically navigate the challenges and distractions that litigation presents. We strive to understand your objectives, to provide clear explanations of risk and reward, and to develop a strategic, collaborative plan driven by your goals. When we don’t think something is possible or advisable, we don't tell you what you want to hear but what you can't afford not to know. If it's in your best interests, we can engage in targeted negotiation, utilize alternative dispute resolution strategies such as mediation, or go to trial. And when we litigate, we litigate to win.

Our litigators handle disputes for public and private entities ranging from Fortune 500 companies, general and limited partnerships, and insurance carriers to nonprofit organizations, municipalities, sole proprietorships, families, and individuals. We litigate across a broad range of industries and can handle your most complex, highest-profile litigation or a routine dispute.

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The Resources to Handle Any Litigation Matter

In any dispute, we understand that strategic, timely advice is critical to your reputation and success.  The litigators at MacDonald Illig bring their experience to the following types of matters and many more:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, Including Mediation & Arbitration
  • Business Dispute Litigation
  • Civil Rights Defense & Constitutional Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Dispute Resolution & Litigation
  • Employment & Workers Compensation Disputes & Litigation
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Fiduciary & Shareholder Litigation
  • Health Care Litigation
  • Insurance Defense
  • Medical & Professional Liability Defense
  • Real Estate Litigation

The Right Answers from the Right Lawyers

No matter how complex or simple your litigation matter is, MacDonald Illig has the bench-strength to deliver tactical advantage, solutions, and results. We have the ability to identify the key issues underlying your dispute and to put the right team together to provide you with strategic yet practical advice and zealous advocacy.  Expect more from MacDonald Illig.

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