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At MacDonald Illig, we understand that cannabis entities, like all businesses, need sound and strategic legal advice.  The industry is quickly evolving, as are the laws that govern it.  While state and local governments enact laws and regulations for the industry, some cannabis-related activities remain illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act and other federal laws.

MacDonald Illig is well-positioned to provide counsel to you no matter the level of your current familiarity with the cannabis industry.  Whether you are already part of the cannabis industry, are considering entering it, provide goods and services to the industry, or are otherwise impacted by it, MacDonald Illig's Cannabis Practice Group will partner with you to strategically navigate the challenges of this evolving industry and to provide answers to your questions. 

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Where Business Owners Place Their Trust

Although a relatively new legal arena, the MacDonald Illig attorneys in the Cannabis Practice Group bring their experience to the following types of matters and more:

  • CannaBusiness Law: Formation & Regulation
  • Local Government Compliance
  • Physician Certification & Practice
  • Cannabis and the Workplace

MacDonald Illig is well situated to assist with the full range of issues precipitated by the legalization of medical marijuana.  In addition to the Cannabis Practice Group, our clients can call upon the knowledge and experience of members of our Business Transactions, Labor & Employment, Health Care, Intellectual Property & Technology, and Government Services Practice Groups.

Ahead of the Cannabis Curve

The MacDonald Illig Cannabis Practice Group is ready and able to guide you through the relatively uncharted waters of legalized medical marijuana as well as the additional cannabis law changes to come.  Let's get started.