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Whether from increased regulatory oversight, global competition, or advances in production methods, manufacturing companies face a constant challenge to maintain their product quality, profit margins, and workforce competitiveness.  As a law firm that is over 100 years old, MacDonald Illig's roots go back to the earliest days of the industrialization of Northwestern Pennsylvania.  We have formed and grown with hundreds of manufacturing companies over that time, ranging from the simplest of early manufacturing enterprises to the latest and most sophisticated manufacturers of high tech products. We understand not only the legal and regulatory challenges the modern manufacturing business faces today, as those challenges have evolved over the decades, but also the practical, real world aspects of doing business in a global economy.

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The Resources to Help with Any Legal Issue Facing a Manufacturer

Our experienced Manufacturing attorneys assist our manufacturing clients with a wide range of legal needs, including entity formation, tax and succession planning, regulatory compliance, distribution, international trade practices, mergers and acquisitions, technology, intellectual property, trademarks, product liability, and human resources.

MacDonald Illig’s manufacturing clients also have the ability to draw upon the depth of legal knowledge and experience available from our many other distinguished business and litigation practices, including Commercial Litigation, Labor & Employment, Environmental & Energy, Intellectual Property & Technology, Real Estate, Tax Planning & Representation, and Banking & Finance.

A Knowledgeable and Dedicated Partner

The services MacDonald Illig provides to our manufacturing clients go beyond just the legal technicalities and are seasoned by a full appreciation of the business environment in which our clients operate.   No matter how complex the matter may be, we have the experience to provide sophisticated and timely advice, top-quality work, and exceptional advocacy to your manufacturing business.