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Despite their benevolent nature, charitable and nonprofit organizations still have to navigate various state and federal laws that apply to their legal existence and operations. Indeed, charitable and not for profit organizations have unique limitations on how they are structured and governed, how they can operate, and even how they distribute their assets in the event of a dissolution.  There is also an extra layer of governmental oversight involved to protect the interests of donors who make contributions to charitable and nonprofit organizations. Experienced legal counsel is essential to avoid a misstep that could put your organization at risk.

Regardless of whether your charity is just starting out, or you are a leader in an established nonprofit, the attorneys at MacDonald Illig have the skill to guide you through all of the legal aspects that affect the success of your organization. Our attorneys partner with you to provide timely advice and practical guidance and solutions for your charitable and nonprofit organizations. We see ourselves as not only your legal counsel, but as a part of your team.  

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A Breadth of Experience for Your Organization

MacDonald Illig's Charitable & Nonprofit Practice Group represents a wide variety of clients in the charitable and nonprofit organization arena, from clients who are just embarking on the journey of starting a nonprofit organization, to established nonprofit organizations that have been doing critical work in their communities for decades. Our clients include sophisticated nonprofit hospital systems, educational institutions, churches, museums, and community development and development funding organizations, and other community recreational or educational organizations.

Our attorneys routinely provide guidance and legal advice to our charitable and nonprofit clients, assisting them with incorporation matters, obtaining and maintaining 501(c)(3) or other federal tax exempt status, obtaining and maintaining Pennsylvania sales and use exempt status, and obtaining and maintaining exempt status for local real estate tax purposes.

The attorneys of the Charitable & Nonprofit Practice Group also assist with day-to-day matters, such as advising on corporate governance matters including non-profit board of directors matters, processes and disputes, drafting bylaws and corporate policies and procedures, implementing nonprofit best practices, and dealing with restricted gifts and other donation matters. Our attorneys can also assist you with business matters that affect any organization, whether charitable or for-profit, in the areas of Labor & Employment, Real Estate, and Intellectual Property & Technology. In the event your organization is about to embark on a large project, our attorneys also have proficiency in handling tax-exempt financing transactions for 501(c)(3) organizations and can walk you through the process every step of the way.

An Experienced and Dedicated Partner

MacDonald Illig has the breadth of resources and experience needed to guide your charitable and non-profit organizations through a myriad of legal issues.  Our attorneys will partner with your team to provide practical solutions and guidance to your organization so that it can be successful in achieving its mission.

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