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Protecting and preserving wealth is something that should never be overlooked. There are countless strategies that can be implemented into an estate plan to limit taxes, litigation, expenses, claims of nursing homes or government agencies, and other frustrations that may arise. The attorneys in our Trusts & Estates Practice Group have the experience and proficiency necessary to craft estate plans unique to each client's circumstances. We provide a complete range of estate and trust, business succession, wealth transfer, and tax planning and administration to our clients. We often team with accountants, brokers, bankers, and other financial service providers to develop comprehensive estate plans that accomplish our clients' objectives and maximize tax savings.

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A Full Array of Personalized Estate Planning Services

MacDonald Illig has the experience necessary to develop a personalized estate plan for each client, no matter the family or financial circumstances. If warranted, we possess the knowledge to use more sophisticated planning techniques involving limited liability entities and grantor, or other tax favored, trusts. Recognizing that most clients are primarily concerned with the transfer of property to the next generation, we emphasize a comprehensive approach to take full advantage of wealth transfer opportunities and minimize costs, both during and after life.

Our Trust & Estates Practice Group's depth and experience allows our attorneys to provide both technical and practical advice that addresses sensitive and often difficult situations. Our attorneys possess strong technical backgrounds and remain current with emerging developments, trends, and techniques within the practice, especially those relating to the ever-changing wealth transfer and tax planning laws. We are committed to providing our clients with confidence that the plan we develop together will address each of their intentions and desires.

Our Trust & Estate attorneys can assist and advise on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: power of attorney & durable power of attorney, living wills, estate & inheritance tax, gift tax, revocable trusts, elder law, guardianship, as well as executive, administrative and personal representation, and more.

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No matter what your net worth or circumstances may be, our attorneys have the experience and insight to create an estate plan appropriate for you and your loved ones. We strive to satisfy our clients' needs by utilizing a collaborative approach to estate planning that incorporates the clients' wishes at every stage of the process. We believe that every estate is different, and therefore, we craft every estate plan based upon our clients' individual needs and desires. We will strive to exceed your expectations at every stage of the estate planning process.

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