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Businesses, municipalities, and individuals are forced to deal with environmental and energy issues that involve complex regulatory interpretations, highly technical evaluations of options, and high-stakes decision making.  MacDonald Illig's environmental clients rely upon long-term partnerships with the firm to provide them with the insight and guidance needed to address their environmental and energy challenges.

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The Skill and Experience to Solve All Manner of Environmental and Energy Issues

Our Environmental & Energy Practice Group has the background and experience to help you navigate the most challenging transactional issues. Our Environmental & Energy attorneys regularly collaborate with our Business Transactions attorneys to ensure that environmental issues do not derail a business deal.  We regularly partner and collaborate with the firm's Real Estate attorneys to ensure that purchasers and sellers are performing the necessary due diligence and getting the greatest possible environmental protections in their real estate transactions.

Our group also works very closely with a number of environmental and engineering consulting firms to ensure that our clients are receiving regulatory/compliance advice which fully integrates both the necessary legal and technical insights into the final product.  Activities such as designing projects and obtaining needed permits require a firm commitment to interdisciplinary cooperation.  This approach assures the client an efficient and effective solution while minimizing both cost to the client and the burden on the client's time.

Our Environmental & Energy Practice Group regularly assists and advises clients on environmental matters involving:

  • Renewable energy
  • Gas, oil, and water
  • Residual and industrial waste
  • Stormwater management and environmental enforcement
  • Title V Permits, EPCRA, and Pennsylvania Act 2

Our Environmental & Energy Practice Group are also available to assist clients at a moment's notice whenever trouble arises.  Even with the best planning and preparation, sometimes things go awry.  Whether you are trying to navigate spill reporting obligations as a result of a chemical release or the stress of an unplanned agency inspection, you can call on our experienced Environmental & Energy attorneys to help walk you through the process.  We have been helping clients with environmental litigation and enforcement matters for decades, and that experience allows us to assist in the effective negotiation of consent orders and agreements or civil penalty assessments.  We develop sophisticated solutions that are designed to not only resolve your current issues with the agency, but also that simplify your future compliance obligations whenever possible.

We Have Partners Not Just Clients

Just as you don't know everything, neither do we.  Despite our decades of experience and bench strength, our group is not afraid to ask the questions necessary to truly understand your business or situation, your approach/philosophy, and your desired outcome.  We find that by forming close partnerships with our clients, and with their consultants and outside experts, we can develop a cohesive team approach to most efficiently resolve any environmental or energy problem. 

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