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As a business owner, president, CFO, or other key player, you are busy every day.   To make your life easier, you need a good lending relationship, one established on trust, to move forward confidently and with adequate cash flow support.   That trust can carry you and your lender through discussions on primary terms of a new loan facility. 

But how can you be certain that the loan documents really matches the business deal you negotiated with your lender?   How can you be sure that those borrower protections considered "market" are imbedded in your documents?  For instance, does your company will have the right to make distributions if your company performs as expected?  

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And heaven forbid, if the relationship with your lender turns sour, what are your rights and obligations if required payments cannot be made in a timely manner, or if your company does not satisfy a financial covenant in the loan agreement?  What are your options if a lender sends a default notice or other communication that could negatively affect my company? 

With your day-to-day operations obligations, these questions should not be yours to answer. Which is why MacDonald Illig will sweat these details for you.  We care about your business, and our Banking & Finance Group has the knowledge and experience to provide clear analysis and well-reasoned alternatives to you and your business.  Our banking and finance lawyers will work in collaboration with you, our clients, to provide sophisticated yet understandable solutions to your commercial financing needs.   To get your company the answers you need.   

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