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Electronic Communication & Social Media

Ninety percent or more of business information is never placed on paper.  Clients look to MacDonald Illig's lawyers in order to successfully utilize electronic communications and to protect against its pitfalls. 

Electronic communications can be used to market products to distant customers and to address those customers' concerns.  At the same time, electronic communications can inadvertently create agreements where an agreement was not intended or create agreements that leave out important terms.  MacDonald Illig's lawyers successfully advise clients on best practices for creating contracts in the digital age and for solving problems that arise from them.

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Social media has transformed the internet into a large and complex public square.  The internet can be used to spread positive and negative messages about people and institutions.  MacDonald Illig's clients look to its lawyers to capitalize on opportunities created by social media and to stop those who wish to unfairly spread false information about those clients.