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Executive Employment & Compensation

The employment of executives and high-level managers with most companies is somewhat more complex than the relationship with other employees.  The reason for the complexity is that many executives enter into an employment agreement with the employer setting forth the terms and conditions of employment including compensation, confidentiality, non-competition, non-hiring, and non-solicitation.  Executives also typically receive not only base compensation and benefits but sometimes additional forms of compensation in the form of variable compensation, incentive compensation, stock rights, and other benefits.  Care must also be taken to address the relationship between the owners of the business and the executive in terms of the authority of the executive and the executive's autonomy from such owners with respect to control of the business.

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Our attorneys are experienced in providing advice to businesses who seek to recruit, employ, and retain executives.  We can assist with all aspects of forming the employment relationship including negotiating and drafting employment agreements and counseling clients on different aspects related to the formation of the employment relationship with an executive.  We can also assist with designing and drafting compensation provisions in employment agreements and variable and incentive compensation and stock plans.  Our attorneys regularly draft incentive and bonus compensation provisions in employment agreements, stock appreciation rights plans, deferred compensation plans, and other compensation and benefit arrangements for executives.  Our attorneys work with each client individually to create agreements and plans to protect the business and to incentivize its executives to perform to their full potential.  

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