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Franchise Tax Matters

When operating a business across state lines, business owners should be aware that franchise taxes may be imposed on their businesses.  A franchise tax is levied by the government of certain states against a corporation or partnership if the company has a nexus in that state. There are different methods used by the states to determine whether to impose the tax on a certain business entity.  Currently, most states use either a "physical presence" or "economic presence" test to determine whether a business entity is in fact operating within the borders of that state.

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Whether you are just starting a business or have been operating one for years and are looking to expand, you should be aware of the effects of franchise taxes. Additionally, if you have recently received a notice to pay franchise taxes in a state where you believe your business does not operate, our attorneys can assist you in handling the legal issues involved.  We have experienced tax attorneys who stay current with all the laws involving franchise tax matters and are prepared to assist you with your legal problems. In a society dominated by the Internet and other technologies that allow businesses to regularly operate in a multitude of different states, franchise taxes are becoming more and more prevalent. Let our attorneys help you understand these taxes and how you can limit the liability to your business.