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HIPAA, Medical Record & Patient Confidentiality Issues

Patient privacy and confidentiality is an essential part of establishing a trusting relationship with healthcare providers. The law governs the privacy and security of medical information and records at both the federal and state level.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its various amendments, including the HITECH Act, contain numerous rules and regulations related to the use, disclosure, and security of protected health information. State laws also provide their own rules related to patient privacy and security, and add additional protections for certain types of information and records, such as drug and alcohol records and mental health records. 

While most providers are familiar with the general privacy and security concepts, it is common for providers to have questions about how these laws and regulations apply to their practice and how they apply in particular situations. We just received a subpoena for medical records – now what? Our employee posted a picture on Facebook – now what? We received an atypical request for medical records and aren’t sure how to respond – now what?

MacDonald Illig’s healthcare attorneys represents healthcare providers of all types and sizes including hospital systems, physician practices, group practices, dentists, skilled nursing facilities, assisting living residents, and various other types of providers. MacDonald Illig routinely assists clients with drafting policies and procedures related to patient privacy and security, conducting employee training, and answering day-to-day questions related to the use and disclosure of protected health information. Our healthcare attorneys walk clients through the process of analyzing situations regarding the unauthorized use or disclosure of protected health information, reporting HIPAA breaches to affected patients and the Department of Health and Human Services, and implementing any necessary remedial measures following a HIPAA breach.

Partnering with experienced healthcare counsel gives you piece of mind that your practice is complying with the various state and federal laws and regulations that apply to patient privacy and security of medical records and that you have someone to turn to when questions or issues arise. Find your experienced partner today by contacting any of MacDonald Illig’s healthcare attorneys.