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Land Use & Zoning

A landowner's use of its property can be severely restricted, including by rights of abutting property owners, an existing crossroads of easements on the property, and local zoning, land use, and planning restrictions. Regardless of the size of your parcel or your planned use, your land use rights are likely limited. Our real estate attorneys represent individuals, developers, and businesses on all types of land use issues, working closely with environmental, litigation, and other specialists in our office, as necessary, to leverage the interdisciplinary expertise of MacDonald Illig and provide our clients with efficient and effective results.

Many land development projects involve subdividing a large parcel and planning improvements on the subdivided parcels.  The success of land development is often contingent on timely municipal cooperation and approvals, which requires careful planning and coordination to avoid derailing the timing of a planned project beyond "building season" in Northwest Pennsylvania.  We are here to work with you and your engineers, architects, and land surveyor to plan for your subdivision objectives, and be prepared to work through the various challenges that may arise, including zoning relief.

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In addition to your subdivision needs, we are knowledgeable and experienced, and prepared to help you, facilitate your other land use objectives, including:

  • Reviewing applicable ordinances and regulations to identify any planning issues that you may have;  
  • Resolving survey issues;
  • Obtaining zoning variances;
  • Representing you in a border or land use dispute;
  • Facilitating residential and commercial development;
  • Obtaining special exemptions and conditional use approvals;
  • Representing your interests in zoning or land use appeals; and
  • Navigating you through the permitting process.

No matter the size of your project, our experienced real estate attorneys are prepared to help you evaluate your options, and cut through the complex zoning, subdivision, and land use rules and regulations, to facilitate your development and land use objectives.  Please contact us today so that we can explore your options.

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