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Licensing, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements

A business or individual may own a trademark or copyright which another person wants to use.  If license agreements are properly written, they may provide an additional source of revenue from the trademark or copyright.

MacDonald Illig's lawyers are experienced in writing and reviewing these types of agreements.  The agreements should clearly state who the owner of the trademark or copyright is, how long the term of the license is, whether the license can be renewed, provisions which state that products or services using the license must meet particular standards of quality, and the fee required to be paid to the license owner.

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Trade secrets and confidential information often need to be disclosed to other individuals or entities through the course of doing business.  A properly written confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement identifies the information to be protected, the people who are entitled to see the information, the purposes for which the information can be used and what happens to the information at the end of the relationship.  MacDonald Illig's lawyers are experienced in protecting their clients' information through properly prepared agreements.

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