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Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Pennsylvania legalized medicinal marijuana in April 2016 with the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act.  This Act enables patients certified to have one of several serious medical conditions to obtain medical marijuana if various, specified forms.  Medicinal marijuana can be obtained from various dispensaries throughout the Commonwealth with a certification identification card.  MacDonald Illig's interdisciplinary Cannabis Practice Group is prepared to provide guidance to patients and caregivers in this ever evolving legal arena.

Hemp has emerged as a growing segment of the cannabis industry. The recent legalization of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill has caused a tidal wave of hemp based products to flood the health and wellness marketplace. The landscape surrounding hemp derived health and food products, which include many cannobadial ("CBD") products, presents unique challenge to individuals who utilize hemp based products. MacDonald Illig's interdisciplinary Cannabis Practice Group is prepared to provide guidance to individuals in navigating the use of hemp derived health products. 

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In addition, MacDonald Illig's Cannabis Practice Group has and is pleased to continue to offer direction to physicians seeking to be added to the Practitioner Registry and/or seeking guidance on recommending medical marijuana to patients.  MacDonald Illig's attorneys has also provided counsel to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, pharmacies, and other organizations navigating compliance with Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act.

Recreational marijuana has not yet become legalized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, although a significant number of states have passed and/or are considering legislation that in some form legalizes adult-use cannabis.  Similar legislation has been proposed in Pennsylvania, modifying the Medical Marijuana Act, and MacDonald Illig's Cannabis Practice Group is monitoring the potential passage of this legislation in order to stay at the forefront of the medical and recreational marijuana landscape.  Attention to the constant evolution of both the laws and applicable guidance enables the attorneys of MacDonald Illig to provide you the most up-to-date counsel.