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Physician Certification & Practice

In order for a Pennsylvania patient to lawfully receive medical marijuana, the patient must be certified under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act by a participating, registered physician.  Yet despite the growing patient-demand for medical marijuana, only a small percentage of Pennsylvania-licensed physicians have become registered under the Act. 

Whether you are a physician already registered under the Act, an unregistered physician treating patients who have obtained a medical marijuana certification, or a physician considering registration, you may have legal and ethical concerns arising out of the continued illegality of marijuana under federal law, the lack of FDA approval for medical marijuana treatment, or related issues.  

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The MacDonald Illig Cannabis Group is well-prepared to address your concerns, including:

  • Advising you on licensing and training requirements
  • Counseling you on employment considerations, whether you work for a marijuana certification center or a traditional healthcare system
  • Representing you in adverse licensure actions arising out of your participation in the medical marijuana arena
  • Advising you on the regulatory requirements in Pennsylvania, including the prohibition on advertising and your continuing care requirements 

Our Medical Cannabis Practice Group can help you to achieve the peace of mind to successfully navigate Pennsylvania's medical marijuana law. 

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