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Public Procurement Counseling & Litigation

There are a myriad of legal and compliance issues that can arise when a state or municipal entity procures goods or services from private business.  For government entities, whether you are a municipality, a municipal authority or other government related entity, procurement compliance ensures necessary goods and services can be obtained in a timely manner and compliance minimizing the risk of potential bid protests or litigation.  For private businesses, failing to properly understand and comply with the governing procurement requirements can mean lost opportunity and profit. 

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MacDonald Illig attorneys work closely with both private business and municipal entities to help clients understand and navigate the public procurement requirements and the bidding process and compliance with the eventual contract documents.  MacDonald Illig attorneys have the knowledge and depth of experience to provide practical advice and solutions for any public procurement or government contractual issue, including:

  • Drafting and evaluating procurement documents for public entities, including bid packages, required public notices, invitations for bid, requests for proposals, and related service and vendor contract documents;
  • Assisting businesses in submitting timely and responsive bids;
  • Providing advice and analysis relating to the Pennsylvania Procurement Code and other laws and regulations governing the procurement process for local governmental entities or municipal authorities;
  • Evaluating and advising on whether a bid is a "responsive bid" or made by a "responsible bidder";
  • Advising public entities on bid awards and procurement contracts;
  • Defending or challenging awards made by public entities, including bid protests, and handling all aspects of any litigation related to the procurement process; and
  • Representing clients in contract disputes.

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