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Real Estate Financing

Real estate financing transactions may be structured as bank loans, private or seller financing, equity investment, or a combination thereof.  Representation by legal counsel experienced in real estate and finance is critical to ensure your interests are properly represented, the most favorable terms possible are negotiated in the transaction documents, and the transaction moves forward in a smooth and timely way.

Our real estate and banking and finance attorneys assist a variety of clients, from residential purchasers buying their first home, to large corporations negotiating sophisticated financing arrangements. We also represent commercial lenders and public authorities who handle a variety of types of financing transactions. 

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Our team is particularly well equipped to handle real estate finance transactions because of the wealth of expertise within MacDonald Illig across various practice areas, such as corporate, tax, real estate, and environmental. For our clients, that means that we are prepared and ready to think outside the box when structuring a transaction and to handle any unexpected curveballs that come up along the way. At MacDonald Illig, we work collaboratively with each other and with our clients to provide excellent, and timely, advice and guidance for a smooth and successful transaction. 

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