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Regulatory & Compliance Advice

For decades, the MacDonald Illig Environmental and Energy Law Group has been advising and assisting clients in a wide array of regulatory and compliance matters.  We assist clients in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for new facilities, expansions and other projects.  We help clients navigate the process of obtaining needed air quality permits (Plan Approvals and Requests for Determination), National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, encroachment permits, overall stormwater permitting and management strategies, and other permits and approvals needed to keep projects on schedule.  Our firm also has extensive experience with the PADEP's Management of Fill Policy and we have helped numerous clients minimize the costs and delays associated with analyzing and managing fill materials associated with construction projects.  For public projects, we also routinely assist clients in identifying and obtaining Pennvest Loans and other public financing for Municipal Water and Sewer Projects to reduce the total project cost to the client.

We also provide clients with regulatory compliance assistance for ongoing operations.  We help clients obtain and renew Title V Operating Permits, State-only Air Permits, and Industrial Wastewater Permits.  We assist clients with annual Tier II and Form R/Toxic Release Inventory reporting obligations under EPCRA, Spill Reporting, hazardous and residual waste compliance and biennial reporting, and annual air emissions inventories and compliance certification reports.  We help oil and gas producers with reporting and compliance obligations associated with spills/releases, with mechanical integrity inspections and with well plugging.  Our attorneys can help your facility manage these responsibilities and take the anxiety out of complying with these ongoing obligations.  We can work together during permit renewals to improve/clarify permit language to make ongoing regulatory compliance requirements more straightforward.  Where past environmental compliance problems are identified, we have helped numerous client submit Voluntary Self-Disclosures to USEPA to reduce or eliminate civil penalties associated with the issues.