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Sales & Use Tax

As e-commerce continues to expand and dominate the retail landscape, business owners must become more and more conscious of the taxes that could be imposed on their businesses by different states and other taxing authorities within those states. Businesses are no longer selling from only a single "brick and mortar" location. Business owners are using the Internet and other technologies available to them to reach consumers in locations that extend far beyond their company headquarters. Understanding the potential tax consequences of operating a business in such a manner is imperative for all business owners.

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At MacDonald Illig, we have a group of attorneys who have extensive experience in working with small and large business owners in handling sales and use tax issues as well as other tax issues facing business owners. As technology changes, our attorneys stay current with the changing laws that affect the day-to-day operations of business owners. With each state and municipality having different tax rates and events that trigger taxes, sales and use taxes can become very complicated. Let our attorneys help you and your business understand these taxes and how to handle them in the most effective and efficient manner.