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Tenure Decisions & Academic Freedom

MacDonald Illig's Education Practice Group is available to assist institutions of higher education in addressing what can be seen as a controversial decision-making process.  Regulations to ensure due process for tenure decisions and academic freedom can be incorporated, modified, and/or adapted to the current rules of a particular college or university.  It is the goal of MacDonald Illig to ensure these regulations are for the benefit of all who are involved with or are affected by the policies and programs of a particular institution.  

Related Services

Our attorneys can assist with defining and/or drafting terms of appointment, terminations of appointment, discontinuance of a program or department, dismissal procedures and other sanctions, governing board and hearing committee processes, academic freedom and protection against discrimination in appointment/reappointment as well as the procedure for complaints related thereto, part-time appointments, graduate student employees and administrative personnel, political activities of faculty, and general grievance procedures.  Our attorneys are happy to provide guidance to ensure nondiscrimination based upon evaluation tools and measurements on effectiveness for tenure decisions. In addition, our attorneys are available to assist in statutory compliance interpretation, including Title IX, as it relates to academic freedom.  Our work is defined by your needs, and MacDonald Illig's Education Practice Group is happy to assist in any manner as it relates to the broad topics of tenure decisions and academic freedom.