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Trust Administration

Trusts are often complicated and complex legal documents. The best way to understand the requirements and the administration of a trust is with the assistance of counsel.  Our attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to assist any fiduciary with the interpretation, understanding, or consequences of a trust instrument.

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We represent both individual and corporate fiduciaries in handling all matters relating to trusts. Our attorneys have experience terminating trusts, drafting trust modifications, changing or removing trustees, and drafting other types of non-judicial settlement agreements involving trusts. In addition, we regularly draft waiver of account, receipt, release and indemnification agreements for fiduciaries wishing to terminate a trust without filing a formal accounting with a court. Our approach is always client-focused, and we work with our clients to find practical, cost effective, and strategic solutions for resolving any trust administration issues. Our Trusts & Estates Group attorneys will also handle any trust litigation matters that arise during the administration process and work closely with our Litigation Group attorneys to provide our clients a superior service.

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