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MacDonald Illig Collaborates with Nonprofit Partnership to Present Seminar Series

MacDonald Illig attorneys are teaming up with the Nonprofit Partnership to present a series of seminars on topics that are relevant to nonprofit organizations.

The first presentation in this quarterly series, "Intellectual Property, Collaborations, and Third-Party Contracting" was held on Wednesday, June 9th at Asbury Woods Nature Center. This seminar reviewed the basics of IP, what it means to own IP, how it can be shared and protected, and how to properly establish ownership in IP.

The next seminar is slated to take place on September 17th at the Jefferson Society Educational Society, 3207 State Street, Eie. This presentation, "Hot Topics in Employment Law", will provide guidance in a number of areas that can present legal issues for non-profits. Topics that will be addressed include wage and hour problems, independent contractor vs. employee issues, reductions in force, continuation of benefits and employee accountability. This Program is designed to provide practical advice to avoid some of the more common problems faced by employers in the employment relationship.

To make a reservation for this seminar or to learn more about the series, please contact the Nonprofit Partnership at (814) 454-8800 or

About the Nonprofit Partnership: The Nonprofit Partnership is a membership-based program that provides education, training, and tools to strengthen local nonprofit agencies. Their mission is to enhance the management and governance of regional nonprofit organizations through capacity-building programs and services. To learn more about the Nonprofit Partnership, visit their website at