Covenants Not to Compete

This Erie County Bar Association Lunch-n-Learn seminar features MacDonald Illig attorneys Dan Miller and Tom Pendleton.

Covenants not to compete found in employment agreements must be specifically tailored to fit each employment situation. Attendees at this seminar will learn:

(1) How to identify important issues when drafting or reviewing convenants not to compete, and
(2) Helpful hints when litigating these provisions on behalf of either an employer or an employee.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • What constitutes adequate consideration for a covenant not to compete;
  • What interests of the employer can be protected by a covenant not to compete;
  • What constitutes a reasonable duration, geograhic scope and subject matter for a covenant not to compete; and
  • When is enforcement of a covenant not to compete limited because it imposes an unreasonable hardship on the employee.

This seminar has been approved by the PA CLE Board for 1 hour substantive law credit.

For more information about this and other ECBA Lunch-n-Learn seminars, visit the Erie County Bar Association website at www.eriebar.com.


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