Defense Verdict in Warren County

Attorney Bruce Decker was part of the team that recently secured a defense win in the Court of Common Pleas of Warren County.

The plaintiff alleged she was struck on the head by a mirror that fell off the wall in the ladies' rest room at a convenience store, causing a concussion, mild traumatic brain injury, aggravation of a somatic symptom disorder, and soft tissue injuries.

The defendant-landowner and business operator denied notice of any dangerous condition in the rest room, and further denied that the alleged injuries were causally related to the accident.  Rather, the defense argued the position that the plaintiff's significant, preexisting health issues were the cause of her conditions.  Mr. Decker presented the defense's expert medical witnesses, cross-examined the plaintiff, and cross-examined plaintiff's medical witness.

The jury ruled in favor of the defendant-landowner on the issue of causation, and no damages were awarded.

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