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Introducing the MacDonald Illig Emerging Technologies Practice Group

We are pleased to introduce MacDonald Illig's newly-formed Emerging Technologies Practice Group.  As the first of its kind in Northwestern Pennsylvania, our Emerging Technologies Practice Group will assist clients in identifying, managing, and mitigating the risks associated with new technologies.  The practice group was founded in response to the current technological revolution and evolving small-business landscape.  It seems our lives are changing daily with new technologies such as e-commerce stores, mobile devices, and cloud computing.

Along with these new technologies come new risks.  For example, e-Commerce stores allow you to sell products all over the world, but this creates new tax and liability issues.  Mobile devices permit employees to work outside of traditional business hours, but this creates wage and employment issues.  Cloud computing allows you to store documents on remote servers, but this creates data security and privacy concerns.  Each technology presents new marketing opportunities, but this creates trademark and copyright protection issues.  

Our Emerging Technologies Practice Group is ready to work with you to identify, manage and mitigate these new risks.   

Whether you are an entrepreneur attempting to scale new technology into a small business, a nonprofit utilizing social media, or an established company whose employees use smartphones to advance your business interests, you will find information and guidance in these weekly updates.

And if there is a topic about which you would like more information, e-mail us.  We'd be happy to provide it in one of our weekly email alerts, or to talk with you in more depth at your convenience.

The Emerging Technologies Group is comprised of the following attorneys:  Edward W. Goebel, Jr., Thomas A. Pendleton, Bryan L. Walker, David S. Willoughby, and John M. Persinger.We look forward to working with you as we all adapt to new technologies and the legal issues they bring.

For more information regarding MacDonald Illig's Emerging Technologies Practice Group, please contact John M. Persinger, at or 814-870-7702, or any MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton LLP attorney with whom you have worked.