Legal Potpourri: Answers to Nonprofit Legal Questions You Didn't Know You Had

Erie nonprofits who have longed for that relaxing summer happy hour to network and re-connect find that their ship may just have docked at the Niagara's berth at the Erie Maritime Museum. As an added attraction, we will be hosting a dialogue session with attorneys from MacDonald Illig who will have answers to nonprofit legal questions that are on your mind, and perhaps some that have not come to mind yet. If you receive donations from out of state, must you register as a charity in that state? Does the organization or the donor set the value of donated items to your organization? If you win the lottery and decide to start a 501c3 to benefit from the winnings, are you exempt from income tax? Questions like these any many more will be considered in an informal q & a session, so make your plans to join us, catch up with your colleagues over drinks and appetizers, and learn about some nonprofit legal issues that will be important to you now or later.

For more information about this event, please contact the Nonprofit Partnership at (814) 454-8800.

If you have questions or need legal advice, please contact our office at 814-870-7600 or complete this form on our website.


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