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This Holiday's Cyber Threats

Is your business prepared for this holiday shopping season's cyber attacks?

On Sunday evening, 60 Minutes provided an interesting overview of this holiday shopping season's cyber threats.  The piece detailed the way that hackers are committing these crimes and some of the technology used in detecting and thwarting such attacks.  It also featured some of the retailers who were hacked this past year and how their businesses have suffered as a result.

To view the entire segment, go here:

It is worth viewing and thinking about how you can protect your business from a cyber attack.

Although the 60 Minutes piece focused on breaches of customers' credit card information, last week's hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment, one of Hollywood's largest film studios, is a reminder that these criminals aren't just interested in stealing credit card numbers.  Sony had several of its unreleased movies stolen through this hack, which have subsequently been leaked online.  If you have valuable intellectual property stored on your network, it too could be at risk.  

In the event that you experience a cyber breach, you should be aware of your obligations under federal and state laws, which include notifying any customer whose information was potentially breached.

To discuss these obligations further or to learn about cyber breach preventative measures, contact a member of MacDonald Illig's Emerging Technologies Practice Group.  Also, if you know of someone who would be interested in receiving these Emerging Technology updates, please contact