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Employee Benefits, Retirement Plans & Deferred Compensation

The employee benefits, retirement plans and deferred compensation areas are very complicated and require knowledge of and experience with the Internal Revenue Code, Employee Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA"), Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act ("COBRA"), and various state laws, rules, and regulations.  This area of the law can result in significant liability for clients for failing to comply with the many rules and regulations imposed by federal and state law.

Our attorneys provide advice on tax and compliance planning for various group insurance benefit plans, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation plans, and related employee benefits.  We assist employers and plan sponsors in ensuring that their plans are in compliance with applicable law and, in the event that there are issues with regard to plan compliance, to assist in working with our clients to fix compliance issues.  Our attorneys regularly work with the Internal Revenue Service, Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and other regulatory agencies to address various employee benefits concerns.