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Environmental Litigation & Enforcement Matters

The MacDonald Illig Environmental and Energy Law Group helps clients resolve environmental non-compliance matters in an expeditious and cost effective manner.  We assist clients in responding to USEPA information requests and in managing scheduled agency inspections, including multimedia inspections, in a timely and organized fashion.  We review agency allegations of regulatory non-compliance by clients and we negotiate the terms of Consent Orders and Consent Decrees with environmental agencies.  Our attorneys are familiar with agency civil penalty policies and they help negotiate Civil Penalties for all manner of environmental compliance issues, from permitting matters and spills, to legacy cleanup issues under CERCLA, RCRA and State Superfund Laws.  We help clients navigate the corrective action process for releases from Storage Tanks. 

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Our firm's Environmental Litigation practice appeals agency environmental orders or permit denials as appropriate when a reasonable settlement is not possible.  Our lawyers have the technical education and environmental experience to work collaboratively with expert witnesses.  Our extensive experience provides knowledge and understanding of the environmental regulators and their actions and expectations.  We aggressively protect our clients' interests while simultaneous recognizing the importance of our clients maintaining an ongoing professional relationship with their environmental regulators.  By placing ourselves in our clients' shoes, we provide the advice and guidance needed to successfully operate their business for decades to come.  Dealing with environmental enforcement is far less stressful when you are partnering with a firm that is experienced in that type of enforcement action and that can help to prepare you for what to expect.