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Estate, Gift & Inheritance Tax Matters

No matter how large an estate may be, there are bound to be tax implications. Our attorneys have the experience to reduce and in some cases eliminate federal and state transfer taxes for our clients.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident or own property in Pennsylvania, your estate will be subject to Pennsylvania inheritance tax.  Our attorneys are familiar with the Pennsylvania inheritance tax laws as well as those in other jurisdictions and are prepared to counsel clients on the best ways to limit tax consequences and maximize tax benefits.

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In addition, the attorneys in the Trusts and Estates Group have experience in advising clients on all types of estate and gift tax matters.  We incorporate tax limiting provisions into every estate plan we draft. For decades, our attorneys have been filing estate, gift, and Pennsylvania inheritance tax returns for our clients. We also provide tax gift advice for high net worth individuals who are interested in limiting their taxable estate value, which includes experience in handling generation skipping transfer (GST) taxes and drafting trusts and other documents that help limit any estate and GST taxes. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in planning your estate and limiting the possible tax consequences that are present with every estate.

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