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Municipal Authorities

Municipal authorities are limited purpose governmental bodies which were originally created to finance and/or operate specific public works project without encumbering the general taxing power or full faith and credit of the sponsoring municipality.  Over time, the types of municipal authorities have expanded, and today we see authorities dedicated to economic development, airports, sewer and water facilities and services, parking, transit, educational facilities financing, and 501 (c)(3) nonprofit financing.  There are also special purpose authorities created by specific legislation, such as redevelopment authorities, industrial development authorities, port authorities, housing authorities, and convention center authorities.  In addition to the dictates of their authorizing legislation, municipal authorities are subject to certain requirements imposed on governmental entities generally, such as open meeting and right to know laws.

Related Services

The legal representation of municipal authorities requires a combination of legal knowledge, political acumen, and practical experience.  MacDonald Illig represents a variety of municipal authorities, including sewer authorities, water authorities, conduit financing authorities, civic center authorities, redevelopment authorities, and industrial development authorities.  Our attorneys also have extensive knowledge regarding the operations and legislative underpinnings of higher education building authorities, transit authorities and port authorities.

Whether you have an issue regarding the creation, operation, governance, or finances of a municipal authority, the attorneys of MacDonald Illig’s Government Services Practice Group are well qualified to assist you.  In combination with the members of our Banking & Finance Practice Group, our team has extensive experience in the area of public finance, including all matters related to the issuance of tax-exempt debt by municipal authorities.  MacDonald Illig provides the full spectrum of legal services that your municipal authority needs to carry out its public mission.