Attorney Decker Secures Favorable Verdict for Beaver County Transit Authority

Attorney Bruce L. Decker, Jr. recently received a very favorable verdict for the Beaver County Transit Authority in the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas.

This was a motor vehicle accident.  The Beaver County Transit Authority admitted causing the accident and the trial was on damages.  The plaintiff alleged to have sustained a permanent injury and permanent loss of bodily function.  He was claiming soft tissue injuries to his neck, left shoulder, low back and hip.  He had a pre-existing condition, Marfan’s Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, that he claims was aggravated by the accident as well.  Given the Beaver County Transit Authority's governmental immunity, the plaintiff had to prove a permanent loss of bodily function to get pain and suffering damages.

The jury found no permanent loss of bodily function and only awarded the plaintiff his medical expenses of $4,633.

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