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Real Estate Acquisition and Development

Real estate acquisition and development can be a long process with a numerous moving parts. The parties must decide, at the outset, how the transaction will be structured and how the property will be owned. This may involve formation of an entity to own the real estate or the formation of a joint venture. Negotiation of the purchase agreement is critical not only to ensure the most favorable acquisition terms, but to ensure adequate protections are in place during the due diligence process and in the event the agreement is terminated. Legal counsel experienced in title matters is important to address any title issues that arise with respect to the property. Land use matters such as zoning and permitting must be addressed and any necessary approvals obtained in a timely fashion in order to keep the development project on track. Financing and construction contracts must be carefully reviewed and negotiated. In the event environmental issues arise, counsel experienced in environmental law is essential.

MacDonald Illig's real estate attorneys work collaboratively with clients from the outset and assist with all aspects of the real estate acquisition and development process.  Our team has the benefit of leveraging expertise across a number of practice areas, including real estate, corporate, finance, tax, and environmental, among others, to ensure that we can guide clients through any unanticipated issues that arise during their projects. Our attorneys also have expertise in various public economic development initiatives and programs which clients may wish to utilize to increase the economic viability of their projects. MacDonald Illig partners with clients to provide the guidance and expertise needed to assist clients through all of the moving parts involved in real estate acquisition and development projects.