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Real Estate Litigation

Claims involving your rights in real property may arise in any number of situations. You may be ready for some, such as during the purchase or sale of a parcel of property or a tenant failing to pay rent. Others may come seemingly out of nowhere, implicating the use, boundaries, or even ownership to your land. MacDonald Illig Attorneys can assist you in every type of real estate dispute.

When confronted with a real estate dispute, you must chose an attorney very carefully.  Real estate litigation is a specialized practice area because the law recognizes that each piece of land is unique. This age old principle of law has resulted in specific causes of action (types of law suits), rules, and remedies to determine and protect rights of landowners. Many lawyers are skilled real estate practitioners or skilled litigators, but few are both.

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MacDonald Illig boasts not only some of the most sought-after litigation attorneys, but also some of the most expert real estate attorneys in the region. For decades, our attorneys have been trusted by lenders, title insurance companies, landowners, and developers to navigate and protect them through the complexities of real estate disputes and litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, our real estate litigation attorneys achieve results though experience, respectful education of the judiciary on the issues in your case, and unwavering advocacy for your property rights.

Whether the land at issue is your home, a commercial complex, rental property, farmland, or undeveloped acreage, our real estate litigation attorneys are prepared to help you identify your options and reach your objectives. Please contact us today so that we can begin to assist you with any of the following matters:

  • Clearing title defects (claims of liens, mortgages and ownership against land/owners)
  • Resolving boundary disputes
  • Enforcing or terminating easements and other rights of way
  • Enforcing riparian rights
  • Determining oil, gas and mineral rights
  • Enforcing or terminating deed covenants and restrictions
  • Litigating land use and nuisances matters (see also Zoning and Land Use)
  • Litigating partition actions, i.e. disputes among joint owners
  • Identifying and litigating timber rights
  • Litigating or defending claims of adverse possession
  • Representing landowners in eminent domain matters
  • Representing landlords and tenants under commercial and residential leases
  • Litigating seller's disclosure violations
  • Enforcing agreements for purchase and sale of real property
  • Litigating claims related to homeowners' and condominium associations
  • Filing and litigating mechanics' liens
  • Obtaining and defending foreclosures

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