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Real Estate Upset & Judicial Tax Sales

A Tax Sale is a transaction where a property is sold by the local Tax Claim Bureau in order to recover the unpaid real estate taxes.  This may sound like a simple process, but it is not. The Real Estate Tax Sale Law is complex.

The attorneys of MacDonald Illig have extensive experience in litigating numerous cases involving upset tax sales and judicial tax sales. This area of practice has involved frequent appearances in the appellate courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as trial court proceedings.

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MacDonald Illig serves as counsel for the Erie County Tax Claim Bureau with respect to conducting the annual Judicial Tax Sale, and we handle all matters relating to service of owners and lienholders.  In addition, we have provided defense for tax sale purchasers from attempts to void or object to the validity of the tax sale by former owners or lien holders.  In other instances, we represent the homeowner to help protect their rights and save their home from the tax sale.

Even after a successful sale, title matters may arise or title insurance companies still may require title issues to be resolved.  Our attorneys are well-versed in title matters and are able to assist purchasers with respect to clearing title problems through a quiet title action, ejectment, or other avenues.

So, whether you are a home owner, tax sale purchaser, or a Tax Claim Bureau, MacDonald Illig's attorneys have the experience and legal skills to proficiently assist you in the complex process of tax sale matters.

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