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Residential Closings

At MacDonald Illig, we understand that the purchase and financing of a home is the largest financial transaction into which most people will ever enter.  Owning a home is part of the American dream, so there is also a strong emotional component involved in buying that home. While generally less complicated, the sale of one’s residence is likewise an important event, oftentimes accompanying other significant changes in one’s life. Our real estate lawyers and paralegals deal with the many details of the real estate settlement process, freeing up the buyers and sellers to focus on what matters most to them, namely a stress-free and timely closing.

At its best, the residential real estate closing or settlement process is a well-choreographed dance among many players, including the buyers, the sellers, the realtors, the lender, the closing attorneys, the title company, the home inspector, the appraiser, the pest inspector, the radon inspector, and any number of other optional participants. For the process to go smoothly and efficiently, someone has to take charge. MacDonald Illig does just that. We coordinate with the realtors and the borrower’s lender. We review the closing and financing documents. We search the title to the property and provide the title insurance which guarantees free and clear ownership to the purchaser and the bank. Should disputes arise among the parties, we have the knowledge and experience to help the parties resolve them in and efficient and amicable manner. We take the time at closing to make certain that our clients understand the numbers and the details of their sale, purchase, or financing.

The attorneys of MacDonald Illig’s Real Estate Practice Group regularly represent buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, and title insurance companies in the settlement process. Our experienced real estate paralegals have the skills, dedication, and patience necessary to keep your closing on track and on time. We are more than familiar with where things can go wrong, and with the hurdles and pitfalls that are regularly encountered in moving from contract to closing. You can depend on MacDonald Illig to get your real estate sale or purchase closed in an efficient and timely manner.

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