MacDonald Illig Real Estate Attorneys Speak on Landlord Tenant Law

On Thursday, May 5, 2011, MacDonald Illig attorneys Jay Alberstadt, David Holland and Patrick Mondi presented a seminar about landlord tenant law at the Ambassador Conference Center in Erie, PA. The seminar emphasized practical strategies for commercial and multi-unit landlords.

The following topics were discussed at the seminar:

I. Lease Provisions and Issues: Plan Ahead to Avoid Problems, including Fair Housing Act, Lease drafting considerations, Liquidated damages and frequently contested issues, Guarantees, Options to renew/extend – expand/terminate, and Signage issues;

II. Green Lease Issues: Risks and Rewards;

III. Landlord and Tenant Obligations, including the duty to deliver possession, to repair, to provide “quiet enjoyment”, security deposits, Fair credit reporting and the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act;

IV. The Eviction and Judicial Process, including the eviction process: forcible entry and detainer statute, lockouts and evictions “for cause” and “without cause,” and the eviction/ejectment process; and

V. Tenant or Landlord Bankruptcy and Collections.

"I think the seminar provided valuable information to the attendees, who were primarily other lawyers and commercial landlords in Northwest Pennsylvania," commented Jay Alberstadt. Patrick Mondi agreed, noting "the feedback I received was positive; we did an effective job on what I call 'preventative lawyering' by providing information to clients that will work to avoid legal issues before they arise."

Dave Holland provided a copy of the firm's recommended standard form lease to attendees, and explained in detail how to use it and the protections it affords landlords.

For more information about landlord tenant law in Northwest Pennsylvania, call attorneys at the Erie law firm of MacDonald Illig.