Oil and Gas

MacDonald Illig has the many years of experience needed to effectively represent landowners and business owners who wish to take advantage of new opportunities created by Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale gas development. MacDonald Illig has represented land owners and business owners in Erie, Crawford, Warren, Mercer and Venango Counties in northwestern Pennsylvania in real estate, environmental and business matters. MacDonald Illig's lawyers are experienced in interpreting joint venture agreements, pooling and unitization agreements, surface use agreements, pipeline right-of-way agreements, seismic testing agreements, transportation agreements, and other facility use agreements.

MacDonald Illig's oil and gas lawyers are experienced in reviewing existing leases to determine how to effectively represent landowners if drilling companies propose to drill deeper wells on real estate which is subject to an existing lease. MacDonald Illig's lawyers are also experienced in reviewing proposed leases directed towards toward the Marcellus and Utica shale formations, and the Beekmantown, Trenton Black River, Knox and other conventional gas formations.

MacDonald Illig's business lawyers are knowledgeable in reviewing and revising form agreements proposed by businesses which drill into the shale gas formations. These lawyers can advise Northwestern Pennsylvania businesses which wish to contract with those companies who drill into the Marcellus shale.

MacDonald Illig's estate planning lawyers can assist those land owners who have received up front bonus payments to structure their financial affairs to minimize the effects of income, gift and estate taxes. These estate lawyers can recommend a variety of trusts, family limited partnerships and other ownership forms which can be helpful in passing more of the financial benefits of payments received from shale gas drilling to future generations.