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PA Governor's List of Businesses Changes Again, Other Guidance Issued

At 5:45 pm Saturday night (3/21/2020), the Governor's Office issued a second revised list of Life-Sustaining and Non-Life-Sustaining Businesses.  The second revised list is linked below in this Alert.

In the second revised list, the following categories were switched to “Life-Sustaining” (so they may now remain open):

  • Sawmills and Wood Preservation;
  • Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing; and
  • Lime and Gypsum Product Manufacturing.

The second revised list also includes the following changes:

  • Changing “Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services” to a Non-Life-Sustaining business category, with a limited exception noted, stating that “veterinary services and translation/interpreter services are permitted”;
  • Noting that “janitorial, pest control, and landscaping services” are within the Life-Sustaining category of Services to Buildings and Dwellings;
  • Permitting pet supplies stores to remain open, as an exception to the Non-Life-Sustaining category of Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers; and    
  • Clarifying that motorcycle repair is permitted, but not motorcycle sales.

In addition to the second revised list, the Governor’s Office has also issued an FAQ regarding Life-Sustaining Businesses.  The FAQ is linked below.

The enforcement deadline for the Governor’s Order has been extended to 8:00am on Monday, March 23, 2020.  You should review the second revised list immediately to determine whether your business has been impacted by the most recent changes.  MacDonald Illig attorneys are working remotely, but are available to assist you with navigating the second revised list, the Governor’s FAQs, applying for an exemption, or any other legal matters, at any time, via e-mail or cell phone.