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MacDonald Illig Attorneys to Speak at Nonprofit Day 2011

MacDonald Illig attorneys Marissa Savastana Watts and Jonathan M. D'Silva will host a workshop entitled "Legal Issues In Our Social Media and Web-Driven Worlds" at the Nonprofit Partnership's 2011 Nonprofit Day scheduled for October 12th at the Bayfront Convention Center. Ms. Watts and Mr. D'Silva will outline issues and lead the discussion as businesses move to establish policies in this fast-evolving web-driven arena.

The emergence of a strong social media presence as an organizational marketing and fundraising imperative has opened the door to interesting legal issues that range from intellectual property to privacy to human resources to management and corporate control. How is your organization addressing these issues in a social media policy that balances control with responsiveness and formality with informality? Join us for this venture into the brave new world of managing in the era of social media and around-the-clock work expectations.

For more information about the 2011 Nonprofit Day or to register for the event, click here.